Friday, October 17, 2014

Gift To The Bride And Groom

Here is the completed Purple Sampler Quilt.  I chose the blocks from  They have a huge collection of historical blocks in several sizes…all FREE.  Love that.  I used the 12" blocks.  I also added my own little house, a log cabin block, a paper pieced Chinese Lantern block and a bird house block.  I just really wanted to make all of those.  It fished at a generous twin size.  The back is solid dark purple.  When I asked my niece-to-be what colors she would like in her quilt she lit up and said "purple" with all the love in her heart.

The hardest part wasn't cutting, piecing, choosing fabrics (though I bought about every deep purple on the market), it was wrapping it up and giving it away.  While I love my nephew and his sweetie so much, this was a real work of heart.  I'm glad they have it though.  Now I can work on one for another niece.  Guess what colors she asked for….PURPLE.  Again!  She's getting some prints.  Photos soon.

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