Monday, June 27, 2016

Pickle Dish Quilt

I gave myself a challenge on December 18, 2016, to make a Pickle Dish quilt.  I first saw this creation in Quilt Romance by Kaffe Fasset.  My initial reaction was, I want that, followed by, I'm sure I can't ever make that in my lifetime.

Then it began nagging at me.  I bought some jelly rolls.  They were calling to me.  I joined the Kaffe Fasset Collective Facebook much inspiration.  Then I decided to "just begin".

All was going along just fine, 

fun even, until I started to  join the sort of semi-circle pieces to the ovals and then, heaven help me, add the squares and make them into dishes.

 I read the directions...about eight times.  Made some terrible blocks, nothing matched up.  Watched some youtube videos.  Decided to give up and throw it all away...quickly undecided.  Then looked at the directions one more time. It finally clicked.  The trick was to add the oval to one side of the dish and then add the two squares to the other side.  Then it would all go together in one easy seam.   Once I got my head around it, it was so easy.  I must remember to never give up, that was kind of scary.

So on June 26 while binge watching Downton Abby, I put in the final stitches on the binding.  I feel like I have reached a mountain peak and can see all the world below me.  What an accomplishment.  Along the way, I discovered New York Beauty Quilts.  This will be my next challenge.  It's like taking my notch up a notch.  No fear this time, just reckless abandoned.
 Finished size is 72" x 72"

I chose three borders.  The first is a little 1" black to give it some definition.  Then an irresistible mushy black polka dot on white and the final is a mottled orange batik.  The silver polka dot on black binding completes the picture.  I think this is my signature finish.  I hope I'm not falling into a rut but I really love this on the edge.

 A little sparkle on the back from the crumbs left over from paper piecing.

Machine quilted.  Though not my favorite task, it wasn't too bad.  I kept it simple, just enough to get the job done.  Some in the ditch and some outlining.  This all took about 20 hours..wonder why I don't love that part.