Monday, December 22, 2014

Christmas Quilting Projects

When will I take my own advice and start my quilting gifts in January?  Here it is December 22 and I have been churning out Christmas quilting projects like a maniac for the last three weeks.  I did fit in some cookie baking and more shopping both on-line and in-line.  Last night's 6 o-clock news featured the hectic shopping experience of people fighting for parking and last minute store-bought stuff.  I blurted out, "Hey, why not give them home made pot holders?"  You should have seen the look on my husband's face.  I got a dose of perspective.
So instead of my usual evening of finishing one more project late into the night, I sat down with my mother and watched the new, improved Sound Of Music.  The improvement was subtitles of all the words to all the songs.  Trust me, I don't need help.  I can sing every song in my sleep.  My rule has always been, if the Sound Of Music is on, nothing else matters.  Since I don't watch much tv, I thought that the commercial breaks would kill me.  I kept my iPad next to me so I could cruise Pinterest during the ads.
Here are a couple of items hot off the press and already in the hands of my giftees.

 This little wall hanging of wonky houses and pine trees went to a charity auction.  The pattern has been in my library for over twenty years and it has called to me more than once.  It was tons of fun to sew up but the cutting was mucho tedious.  Something like 80 or 90 different scraps.  Not sure that I will ever do it again but you never know.
My cousin's husband cuts quilting templates out of plexiglass…for a living.  How cool is that.  Scott knew that I have this little quilting obsession so he gave me several templates recently.  He is much more concerned with the engineering involved in laser cutting and all that precision but he doesn't get to see the results of his labors.  So I used his Tumbler template and made him a table runner.

Both of these projects were from my stash and neither one made a dent in it.  Now I'm making tons of the most adorable pot holders and bowl potholders for the microwave as gifts for friends and neighbors.  Maybe I should stand in line for some cheese logs to go with them.  Nope, don't think so!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Everyone should have a friend who sews

I play Bunco.  There, now you know.  One of my Bunco Babes (friend who plays with me) is helping to organize a big craft fair at her church.  She asked me to have a table at the fair to sell my bags.  It didn't take me but a second to say "yes"!  Now I have to get busy.  I created this fun little pattern with a ruler and a pen.  These quilted totes are so much fun to make.  I think  I will put together a tutorial on it.  But not today.  I have to go vote.  Women in America are allowed to vote, I would never miss.  Then I will make a few more of these.
 I used two jelly rolls.  Only a little of each.  They are just the most fun way to buy fabric.  They really are yummy.  One is Batik Jelly Aqua made in India.  I think it is actually batik and not printed. It feels like there was once wax on the fabric.  How cool is that?  The other is Fabric Central's Paisley Pop Jelly  collection from  I have enough to make two more from each collection.  Hmmmm, maybe I'll mix them together and call it Paisley Batik!
 I used a light weight cotton batting and did a quilt-as-you-go method.  It was so fast.  I love instant gratification.  Each bag took me about an hour and a half including letting the goofy lab out twice.
I even added a zipper inside the top.  I always wanted to try this inset method.  It was so easy!

Friday, October 17, 2014

Gift To The Bride And Groom

Here is the completed Purple Sampler Quilt.  I chose the blocks from  They have a huge collection of historical blocks in several sizes…all FREE.  Love that.  I used the 12" blocks.  I also added my own little house, a log cabin block, a paper pieced Chinese Lantern block and a bird house block.  I just really wanted to make all of those.  It fished at a generous twin size.  The back is solid dark purple.  When I asked my niece-to-be what colors she would like in her quilt she lit up and said "purple" with all the love in her heart.

The hardest part wasn't cutting, piecing, choosing fabrics (though I bought about every deep purple on the market), it was wrapping it up and giving it away.  While I love my nephew and his sweetie so much, this was a real work of heart.  I'm glad they have it though.  Now I can work on one for another niece.  Guess what colors she asked for….PURPLE.  Again!  She's getting some prints.  Photos soon.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Pin Cushions

While resting in bed with a nasty cold, I spent a few hours on Pinterest.  I never thought I would do that but now I'm hooked.  I discovered that I can be a hoarder without any guilt.  I discovered pin cushions. Yes, I have several that I use everyday, but I never thought that they could be darling little bits of art.  

So I pinned, and pinned and pinned.  Then I got over the cold and dug around for my box of felt and my box of fancy beads and my beading needle and the stash of empty and very clean tuna cans and my embroidery threads that I haven't used in over 20 years.  Well, I can see many a late dinner coming to my table.  This is so much fun and I have hundreds of ideas to create.  Here are the ones I've completed so far.  Now I really do need to make some dinner.
 No, I do not know what I'm going to do with them all, thank you for asking.  I have already given four away…not shown, because they are no longer with me.
 Maybe I will put them on Etsy.
 Maybe I will give them as Christmas gifts.
 Maybe I will make a tutorial and put it on YouTube.
 Probably I will make lots more.
 In team colors or holiday themes.
 But one thing is for certain…..
 I'm going to put them on Pinterest!

Friday, August 1, 2014

Some of this, some of that

The morning started with teaching an appliqué class at Joann's.  Three sweet little girls learned to trace, iron and place an appliqué.  Next week we will zigzag it on and learn to make a little back pack.

Home at noon and I broke out an old project.  I want to design and create a geography quilt of my little town here south of Miami.  It has a long way to go, but here is a tiny preview.  It's on the contemporary side….new genre for me.

I spent about 30 minutes working on a project that I have long wished to begin.  An organization called Days For Girls provides sanitary napkin kits to young ladies in far off places.  It changes their lives.  I have started making kits.  I hope to spend a few minutes each day on this very worthy cause.  Sewists can, indeed change the world.
Then my daughter popped into my studio and asked me to make a choker for her with a little charm that she bought with her BFF.  We dug around till she settled on a black pique satin ribbon.  She was very pleased with the result.  10 minute project including routing around for ribbon.   I put a barrel type clasp on the ends so she can easily remove it.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

What to do today...

I'm working on a commission for a t-shirt quilt.
Working on draperies for a child's room.
Working on some clothing alterations.
Wishing to start some new patchwork….some days the needs outweigh the wants.

On a happier note, I just completed two fun baby quilts.  The dog quilt is titled, "Good Boy", for my new nephew, Caleb.  The paper pieced dogs are from  The pinwheel quilt is for my new niece, Emery.  This cute little block is from  It's the easiest thing and a bit addicting I must say.  Kinda like grabbing one more cookie.  I find it hard to stop!